While there are many international programs that promise entrance into North American universities, there are very few who sufficiently prepare students for the challenges they will face in their academic pursuits. In order to achieve success in a North American post-secondary institution, international students need more than to just gain entry into a program. Success in university or college requires preparation through sustained academic development within a North American model of education.

In addition to the preparation received through the BC program courses, Kezhi BC Offshore Schools also provide academic advising and university application assistance to students. Beginning in grade 10, our advisors meet with students to discuss their academic goals and to begin to formulate plans for post-secondary academic tracks. Throughout the high school years, advisors monitor student progress as well as goal development and adjust the academic tracks accordingly. Our advisors also arrange visits from a wide variety of university and college representatives to come to each school and inform the students of their program details.

Kezhi BC Offshore Schools’ team of academic advisors ensures that post-secondary institutions’ entrance requirements are met and that all application and document submission deadlines are observed. Through the hard work and dedication of our advisors, students can focus on their studies knowing that they have the support they need to fulfill their academic dreams and goals.