Pre-departure orientation

Information about the various locations and programs can be found on the website. Additional specific information prior to departure is provided through the BC principal and/or vice-principal in each location. Upon signing with Kezhi, new teachers will be connected with the appropriate authorities for further information and to direct any questions.

Information about initial financial planning:
It is recommended that you bring approximately 2500 RMB in cash with you when you arrive at your school, in order to make initial purchases before finding access to a bank in China which will accept international bank and credit cards. Additionally, depending on the school location, you may need to have access to funds to secure an off-campus apartment should you choose. Contact the relevant BC principal for more details. Please note that your first salary payment is not until the end of September.


In-China Orientations

After arriving in China, orientation sessions are provided at each Kezhi BC Offshore School by the BC and/or Chinese administrators. These orientation sessions include information regarding:

  • Shopping arrangements
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Facilities tour
  • Cultural advice
  • School administrative structure
  • Specific school policies
  • Schedule and teaching assignments
  • Local city attractions
  • Other policies at discretion of BC principal