Canada Langfang Secondary School

Parent School:                        China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Middle School

BC Principal:                          Ms. Gill England

Program design and operation:  CLSS operates on the campus of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Middle School. The student population of the parent school is about 4500. CLSS, a British Columbia certified school, opened in September, 2011. The 2016-17 enrolment is approximately 125 students in grades 10 to 12.

CLSS Owner/Operator:

Beijing Kezhi Times International Consulting Co., Ltd. (Kezhi):

Mr. Sunny Bai, CEO

Ms. Mariam Li, Director

BC Ministry of Education Consultant

Mr. Adrian Conradi

250-574-8979 (Canada)

Superintendent of Kezhi BC Offshore Schools

Mr. Kyle Chong

18288269546 (China), 250-884-8224 (Canada)

Teaching assignment: Teachers will be assigned to their areas of training, expertise and interest as per the needs of the school.

Hours of instruction:  Typically, at CLSS, classes begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. with a mid-morning “exercise break” of 1/2 hour and a mid-day break of 2 hours or more. Classes may be semestered (80 minute blocks) or linear (40 minute blocks). Teachers will provide instruction for up to seven 40-minute blocks per day.

China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Middle School and Surrounding Area: The parent school campus is near the center of Langfang and is within walking distance of amenities necessary for daily living such as supermarkets, banks, restaurants and shops. Some students are housed on campus in dormitories. The campus has a stadium, track, and gymnasium facility, various science and computer labs as well as staff and student cafeterias.

Transportation around the city is convenient either by bus or taxi. Langfang is just a 20-minute fast train ride from Beijing to the north and Tianjin to the east. Locations of interest around Langfang include Grand Epoch City, a large tourist resort that recreates the original scenery of old Beijing during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is a reproduction of an ancient architectural complex which conveys the essence of Chinese culture in both past and present times. Also on the outskirts of Langfang is a 193 acre Nature Park, an area of natural landscape and wild bird life.

More information about Langfang and the surrounding area can be found at

Canada Langfang Secondary School: CLSS is housed in the International Building of the parent school campus. Each classroom in equipped with an instructional computer, projector, and SmartBoard. The school has a 32-station computer lab, a small BC library, and various offices for teachers and support staff. Teachers are provided with office work space, computers and access to printers and a photocopier. CHSS also has its own dance/drama room, staff and student lounges, and access to various science labs and sports facilities.

CLSS is fully supplied with BC textbooks and teacher resources for all subjects taught, along with a small professional library. Teachers are encouraged to also make use of resources available on the internet and to bring favourite resources with them.