Canada Chengdu Secondary School

Parent School:                        China Chengdu Shishi Middle School

BC School Principal:             Ms. Martine Teetaert

Program design and operation:  CCSSSS operates on the campus of Chengdu Shishi Middle School. The student population of the parent school is about 6000. CCSSSS, a British Columbia certified school, opened in September, 2012. The 2016-17 enrolment is approximately 55 students in grades 10 to 12

CCSSSS Owner/Operator:

Beijing Kezhi Times International Consulting Co., Ltd. (Kezhi):

Mr. Sunny Bai, CEO

Ms. Mariam Li, Director

BC Ministry of Education Consultant

Mr. Adrian Conradi

250-574-8979 (Canada)

Superintendent of Kezhi BC Offshore Schools

Mr. Kyle Chong

18288269546 (China), 250-884-8224 (Canada)

Teaching assignment: Teachers will be assigned to their areas of training, expertise and interest as per the needs of the school.

Hours of instruction:  Typically, at CCSSSS, classes begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. with a mid-morning “exercise break” of 1/2 hour and a mid-day break of 2 hours or more. Classes may be semestered (80 minute blocks) or linear (40 minute blocks). Teachers will provide instruction for up to seven 40-minute blocks per day.

History of Chengdu Shishi Middle School:

In Chengdu between the years 143 and 141 BC, Wén Wēng established the first local Chinese public school. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, Chengdu and the school were devastated by fire. The school was rebuilt in 194 AD. The school continued through the Northern Song Dynasty, but by the late Ming Dynasty only rubble remained.

In 1661 a government school was established on the site, and became the leading school in Sichuan. Shishi Middle School became Chengdu Normal School under the new educational system introduced in 1902 and then became Chengdu Middle School in 1904. It was renamed again to Chengdu Shishi Middle School in February 1940, and in mid-1948 was identified as a model for secondary schools nationwide.

In September 1952, after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the school changed its name to Chengdu No. 4 Middle School. During the Cultural Revolution the school was devastated for the third time; none of the Qing Dynasty buildings still exist. It returned to its former name in April 1983.

Shishi ranks among the top 100 middle schools in China. Competition among junior middle school students in Chengdu for entry into the school is intense. For many students, acceptance into Shishi is an honor rivaling university acceptance and provides an opportunity to receive above average instruction in core classes. Most Shishi students scored among the top 10% of their peers on the junior middle school exit exam.

CCSSSS and the Surrounding Area: The main campus of Chengdu Shishi is located in the downtown area. CCSSSS is located on the Wenmiao Campus, a satellite to Chengdu Shishi, on the northern perimeter of the city. About 3000 students attend this campus. Many students are housed in campus dormitories. The campus has a stadium, track and field facility, and gymnasium as well as various science and computer labs. Also on campus are staff and student dining halls, a bookstore, and a small supermarket.

BC teachers are housed in modern apartments nearby the school. A car is provided for the daily transportation of staff to and from school. Accommodation is in a newly developed and well-populated area. All necessary amenities are within walking distance, including supermarkets, banks, restaurants and shops. Taxis and buses provide easy access to the downtown area – about 45 minutes from the school. The city of Chengdu holds many interesting sites including the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Center, just a few minutes by car from CCSSSS.  For detailed information about Chengdu and the surrounding area look at

Canada Chengdu Shishi Secondary School: CCSSSS is housed on the first and second floors of a classroom complex. Each classroom is equipped with an instructional computer, projector, SmartBoard, and internet access. The school has a 60-station computer lab, a small BC library, and various offices for teachers and support staff. Teachers are provided with office workspace, laptop computers and access to printers and a photocopier. CCSSSS also has access to various science labs and sports facilities.

CCSSSS is fully supplied with BC textbooks and teacher resources for all subjects taught, along with a small professional library. Teachers are encouraged to also make use of resources available on the internet and to bring favourite resources with them.